ACM Vitix Gel 50 ML For Vitiligo

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A specific daily treatment that helps to increase the melanin production on depigmented areas from vitiligo


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ACM Vitix Gel 50 mL
This gel is suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin that suffers from vitiligo.

It contains:
Melon extract: It promotes healthy melanin production in the areas where the vitiligo is more visible, It protects skin from vitiligo triggers by protecting and healing the damaged skin from aging or environmental stress.
Propylene glycol: Deeply moisturizes the skin and prevents water loss leaves skin looking smooth and healthy.

Benefits OF ACM Vitix Gel:
• No side effects.
• The fluid texture is easy to apply.
• Non-oily.
• Fast absorption.

How to use:
Apply VITIX® gel onto and around the concerned areas once to twice daily.
Once the gel has fully penetrated, a care cream or make-up can be applied.

Active Ingredients:
Melon extract, Propylene glycol.

Points of interest:
For external use only.
Keep the product out of reach of children.

50 mL.

Storage Conditions:
Store at room temperature.

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