Beach Toys Set

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Brand : Skid Fusion
Model Name : JX6801
Product Type : Beach Toys
Age Group : 3 Years+

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 Beach Toys Set

Exciting Kids Beach Toys Bundle

– These sand castle toys for beach and backyard sandbox play provide plenty of options for creating castles, seascapes, and custom designs with a large bucket, sifter, shovel scoop, molds, and more.
Heavy-Duty, BPA-Free Plastic

– Our beach toys for kids are made with high

-quality plastic that’s non-toxic, super durable, and made for rugged play.

They’re great for picking up and molding sand or clay or moving water to create castle moats!
Interactive Early Learning Play

– Beach toys for toddlers age 2-4 and beyond are a wonderful way to encourage creativity, imagination, and hands-on learning.

They’ll love the bright colors, unique shapes, and limitless ways to build with sand.
Portable for On-the-Go Beach Days

– The large bucket is designed to hold and organize all the toys so you can easily pack them up and play in a sandbox at home or in the park or take them with you on a summer fun day at the beach.
Wash and Dry Easily

– These kid’s beach toys are made with heavy-duty plastic which means you can easily rinse away stuck on sand, mud, or clay with little effort.

They also dry quickly so you can leave the sand at the beach instead of in your car.

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