BELLA Eliet Cinnamon Brown

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Bella Elite_Cinnamon_Brown lenses are the best

-selling color from the Bella Elite range of lenses, as the brown color is formed, to give a unique and distinctive color that adds a natural and charming look to the eye, especially with the thin dark ring around the lens, which is characteristic of Bella lenses in general, comfortable lenses for the eyes characterized by attractiveness and…

It gives you a distinctive look among your friends.


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BELLA Eliet Cinnamon Brown

Medical and cosmetic lenses

High water retention allowing high oxygen permeability

♦ From the Bella Elite collection

♦ Lens base curve: 8.6 mm

♦ Lens diameter: 14.5 mm

♦ Water content: 38%

♦ Lens material: 12 microns, 60 anti-UV materials.

♦ Oxygen permeability : 8.4 mm

♦ Blocks 40% of harmful ultraviolet rays.

Ideal for dry eyes

High definition and UV blocking design

USA materials

FDA and CE approved

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