BELLA Eliet Gray Beige

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♥ Bella Elite Gray Beige lenses are the ideal contact lenses for the modern woman looking for beauty and unique looks, because they were made by mixing two of the most gorgeous and elegant colors available, which are beige shades with calm gray shades, to obtain this lens. Wonderful and preferred by many users around the world, because it represents one of the contact lenses with a calm and natural look that many people are looking for.


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BELLA Eliet Gray Beige

♥ Bella Elite Gray Beige lenses have a set of specifications that make them one of the pioneers in the field of colored contact lenses in this era, which appears in the following:

Lens brand: Bella Elite.
Lens color: The lenses come in a mixture of two colors, gray and beige.
Water percentage: The water percentage in the lenses reaches 38%.
Lens type: Cosmetic lenses, not medical lenses.
Package contents: The package comes with a pair of Bella Gray Beige lenses inside the small box designated for them.
Lens group: Natural lenses.
Lens diameter: 14.5
Lens base curvature: 8.6

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