BELLA Eliet Wild Hony

13.00 KWD

Medical and CosmeticLens

High Water retention that allow high oxygen permeability

These lenses give you an attractive and warm look with their natural color in a honey brown shade that will highlight the beauty of your eyes!

Bella Elite’s Wild Honey lenses are designed in multiple shades to give you a fun, multi-dimensional look, making them the perfect choice for men and women that will look great on all skin tones.



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BELLA Eliet Wild Hony

Medical and CosmeticLens

Bella Elite Wide Honey lenses come with several special specifications that distinguish them from other lenses and make them fulfill their original purpose, which is the cosmetic purpose to the fullest extent.

In addition to that, they serve a medical purpose, which is to protect the eye from any infections or dryness due to lack of hydration.

These specifications are as follows:

♦ The lens brand comes from Marco Bella.

♦ Lens type, the lens is cosmetic.

♦ Power, the left lens has a power of 0.00 and the right lens has a power of 0.00.

♦ Lens color, the lens color is wild honey.

♦ Size, The lens diameter is 14.5 and the base curvature is 8.6.

♦ Lens color: Hazel.

♦ Number of package contents: The package contains two lenses.

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