BELLA EliTE Sandy Brown

13.00 KWD

Medical and CosmeticLens

The Bella Elite collection features elegant colors with a very slight limbal ring that looks natural on dark eyes.

These colors can be worn with an evening makeup look as well as a natural everyday look.

From Sandy Brown to Gray Beige, this range is a must-have for your color lens collection!




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BELLA EliTE Sandy Brown

♥ The Bella collection of colored contact lenses, including Elite Sandy Brown lenses, among many types of lenses and international

brands of lenses, is considered a high and distinguished position among other types of colored contact lenses.

BELLA ELITE SANDY BROWN lenses provide a natural appearance to the eyes and give you attractive and charming eyes.

Bella Sandy lenses in light brown.

This new color was designed specifically for those looking for difference and distinction, as it gives the eye an attractive and eye-catching look.

They are lenses that provide you with a striking and attractive difference to the eye with ease.

If you are one of those who desire beauty, here are some important details about Bella Elite Sandy Brown lenses.

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