BELLA One Day Radian Hazelnut

7.00 KWD

Medical and CosmeticLens

Bio compatible elements making the lens soft & comfortable throughout the day

High Water retention that allow high oxygen permeability

Ideal for eye dryness



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BELLA One Day Radian Hazelnut

Medical and CosmeticLens

High Water retention that allow high oxygen permeability

  • Replacement:  Daily
  • Water Content:  55%
  • Diameter:  14.2
  • Cosmetic and Medical Lenses
  • Power Range: ( 0 : – 6 )
  • High Definition design & UV blocker
  • Box contains 2 lenses, pair could be worn for 1 day only
  • Made in Korea.


Wash and dry your hands before removing the lenses from the box.
Remove the lenses from the box.
The lens is placed on the tip of the index finger with the other hand used to lift the upper eyelid.
Pull out the lower eyelid with the middle finger and gently place the lens on the middle part of the eye.
Free your eyelid and close your eyes for a moment.


Look up and pull the lower eyelid down.
Gently pull the lens down with your finger and thumb.
Gently press on the edge of the lens and remove it from your eye.

Important Notes:

Do not reuse lenses, daily lenses for daily use only.
Do not allow ordinary water to come into contact with the lenses.
Do not exceed the schedule for the period of wearing lenses recommended by your doctor.
Certain medications may affect your ability to wear contact lenses.
Do not spell cosmetics and soap on the lens.
If you experience any irritation, redness, itching or burning sensation, remove the lenses immediately and we recommend seeing an ophthalmologist.




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