Dermisa Brightening Bar 85Gm

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Dermisa Brightening Bar 85Gm
Brightening Effectiveness. This Bar Is Made From A 100% Vegetable Base With Glycerin, Delivering A Healthy Shine After Every Use.
The Dermisa Brightening Bar Is Formulated To Gently Cleanse And Help Brighten The Appearance Of Dark Spots And Even Skin Tone By Combining 3 Natural Botanical Extracts For Maximum
How To Use:
massage on moist skin in circle movements, then rinse with water, use daily

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Dermisa Brightening Bar 85Gm

The Dermisa Skin Brightening Kit is a package combination perfect for achieving your ideal skin tone. Including both the Brightening Bar and Brightening Cream, this complete treatment delivers natural botanical extracts directly to the source, leaving your skin feeling silky and smooth. Get dual-action care from the Dermisa® Skin Brightening Kit.

The Dermisa Brightening Bar – is formulated to gently cleanse and brighten the appearance of dark spots and even skin tone by combining 3 Natural Botanical Extracts for maximum brightening effectiveness. This bar is made from a 100% vegetable base with Glycerin, delivering a healthy shine after every use.

The Dermisa Brightening Cream – is specially formulated with unique conditioners to enhance softness and feel. This cream helps promote more even looking skin tone and will help reduce the appearance of dark skin spots.

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