Enchanting play tent

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Children’s play tent provides an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment

Entertainment is a product that keeps your child busy

Provides hours of creative play and enhances skills

Creative Vibrant colors stimulate

Visual sophistication has unique details that give it

Amazing appearance

Help your children learn important skills

Life – gives your child complete freedom to

Art and creativity

A great way to learn and have fun

Play tent with tunnel

Suitable as a gift for your child

It contains 50 balls

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Enchanting play tent

Practical and easy foldable children’s play tent

Cleaning and carrying

It can be set up in a few minutes

There is a core with the tent

A suitable corner for playing and doing all activities

Fun to enhance the heart of children’s privacy

Soft material and high density

Strong quality and lightweight.

Large size, and easy to set up at the same time.

Perfect for playing with balls, toys or activities

The other one is in the tent.

Ventilation pores and can be installed inside the house or

In the yard of the house

Light weight, easy to use, portable

, foldable.

Multi-colored plastic balls.

It contains 50 balls

Suitable for up to three children.

Product dimensions: 70 x 70 x 90 cm

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