FAIRYWILL P10 Electric Toothbrush

38.00 KWD

Electric Toothbrush P10 Toothbrush 5 Rechargeable Ways Timer 4 Brush Heads 2 Tongue Scraper 1 Travel Case for Adults
  • Name  : P10 Electric Toothbrush With 4 Brush Heads 2 Tongue Scraper
  • Color : Multi
  • Brand  :NameFairywill
  • Gender : Men
  • Category : Grooming
  • Subcategory : Personal Care


Sku: 652868


FAIRYWILL P10 Electric Toothbrush

with 4 Brush Heads 2 Tongue Scraper

FAIRYWILL P10 Electric Toothbrush with 4 Brush Heads& 2 Tongue Scraper

• 40,000 micro-brushes per minute.
Efficient vibration produces flowing microbubbles, which clean stubborn tooth stains deeply
• Smart timer.
Reminds you to clean other areas after 30 seconds of brushing
• 1-year supply of brush heads. Get 4 soft nylon brush heads that can last up to 1 year of continuous use
• Stainless steel tongue scraper. Clean stubborn stains & odors that stick onto your tongue
• IPX7 waterproof rating.
You can brush your teeth while taking a bath with this waterproof toothbrush
• Fast charging. Get up to 30 days of usage from 2 hours of full charging

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