Herbal Glo Botanical conditioner

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Herbal Glo Botanical Conditioner.

combines rich natural antioxidants, vitamins and herbs to protect your hair from damage caused by pollutants, sun, blowdrying, chemicals and stress.

Also adds strength, beauty and shine to your hair.



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Herbal Glo Botanical conditioner

Herbal glow is a luxurious daily vegan shampoo with natural antioxidants enriched with panthenol and exclusive plant herbs that have been released to strengthen, moisturize and nourish hair throughout the day.

Herbal glow’s balanced blend of natural cleansers, protein and vitamins makes it ideal for all hair types.

Herbal Glow Organic Hair Shampoo for all hair types and after creatine and protein for healthy hair and is rich in natural fruits, vitamins and herbs.

With an antioxidant.


Vitamin A vitamin C & E.


Natural lotion.

Environmentally friendly.

•Does not contain sodium laureth sulfite.

•Does not contain accessories.

* Balanced pH.

•Does not contain artificial colors.

•Does not contain animal ingredients.

It is recommended to use it after creatine, as it helps to maintain it for a longer period and healthier and shinier hair.

How to use:

apply a quantity of shampoo to wet hair and rub, then rinse with water, repeat the process if necessary and then follow with herbal glow botancal conditioner.

Made in Canada

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