Isis Glyco A 10% Body Peeling 200 Ml

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A peeling cream that exfoliates the skin of the body to promote cell renewal and reduce roughness


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Isis Glyco A 10% Body Peeling 200 Ml

Isis Glyco A 10% Body Peeling cream is a rejuvenating body peeling treatment that nourishes, hydrates, and improves skin texture.
The body peel cream is enriched with glycolic acid which is known for its exfoliating properties and helps to eliminate dryness and firm up the skin.
Isis Glyco A 10% Body Peeling has a pH balance designed for optimal effectiveness and tolerance, it also features lactic acid for restoring hydration,
The body peel cream is also composed of shea butter for emollient and moisturizing benefits and oat amino acid to soothe irritation.

Active ingredients:
Glycolic acid, Lactic acid, Shea butter, Amino acid oat extract, Squalane

Isis Glyco A 10% Body Peeling Benefits:
• Softens and moisturizes the skin.
• Visibly improves skin texture.
• Eliminates roughness of dry skin.
• Tones and firms the skin.
• Removes dead cells and promotes cell renewal.
• Stimulates collagen production.

Directions for use of the Isis Glyco A 10% Body Peeling 200 ml:
• Use Isis Glyco A 10% Body Peeling cream on the desired area of your body once daily or as recommended by your dermatologist.

More information:
• Protect your skin from sun exposure and apply appropriate sun protection in the morning.
• Seek medical help if you experience any irritation.
• Avoid applying on sensitive or irritated skin.
• Discontinue use if you notice any unusual skin irritations.
• Remember to wash your hands after application.
• Dermatologically tested.

Made in:

200 ml

Store at room temperature

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