KIN BABY Nasal aspirator

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Kin Baby Nasal Vacuum Cleaner + Refill 2 U

Use in cases of colds, sinusitis and other pathologies with excessive nasal secretion.

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KIN BABY Nasal aspirator


The KIN Baby nasal aspirator helps to remove accumulated mucus in a painless, hygienic and effective way.

As it works by suction, the degree of intensity can be controlled so that it is not too uncomfortable for the baby.

How to use

Use as often as necessary:
1. Place the baby lying on its back on a comfortable and safe surface.
2. Place the disposable applicator in the central part of the aspirator.
3. Place the tip of the applicator in the nostril and gently aspirate through the nozzle.

The absorbent filter of the applicator retains the baby’s secretions and prevents them from reaching the suction tube and the suction nozzle, thus avoiding any possibility of ingestion.
4. Repeat the action on the other nostril.
5. Remove the applicator with the aspirated mucus and discard it.
A previous nasal wash with physiological saline solution can be performed to increase the fluidity of the mucus.

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