klapp C PURE Eyezone Treatment

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  • 15 ml (0.5 fl. oz.) KLAPP C PURE EYEZONE TREATMENT
  • Smoothens the delicate eye area, helps reduce swellings – Gives Elasticity, Firmness and Provides Moisture
  • Contains the Ingredients Complex : Vitamin C, peptides, HYALURONIC acid and natural oils


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klapp C PURE Eyezone Treatment


A cream fortified with vitamins ( A – c – e) and hyaluronic acid to treat dark circles, puffiness and fatigue around the eyes

Protects the eye contour area from wrinkles and fine lines and stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the capillaries around the eye

Suitable for all skin types

Method of use

Use morning and evening, apply the right amount of cream on the eye contour area and massage gently until complete absorption

Time for the puffiness around your eyes to disappear with the power of Vitamin C.

The C Pure Eyezone Treatment by KLAPP has a drainage effect, it reduces fine lines and also removes cyanosis. Consistency wise, it is a light fluid that has the power of hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E too. 

The active ingredients reduce swelling while still being easy on the delicate skin area around the eyes. 

Ingredients –

Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, Triple hi-tech molecule (flavonoid, dipeptide, peptide), Vitamin E, Vegetable Oils, Repagen® Complex.

How to use –

Apply on cleansed skin around the eyes in light movements.

Morning and/or at night application, depending on your skin routine. 

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