Lytess Belt,Black,S/M

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LYTESS, smart clothes they use the microcapsules technology in clothes.

They fix the microcapsules on the fabric of the textile.

The microcapsules contain cosmetic herbal active ingredients for slimming.

They use herbal formula. So now when the lady will wear LYTESS clothes, and move the normal routine day for her, while she is moving the product will rub the skin. Some of the microcapsules will be brake and release the active ingredients.


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Lytess Belt,Black,S/M

Innovative Slimming clothes from France, with double action, scalp and slim your body without effort, first action you will get 2 sizes less immediately as correcting, and second action from the microcapsules technology after 18 day.

Just wear feel light, elegante and get the perfect body shape.

  • It covers the waist, tummy & buttocks , this product with two actions.
  • First action once we wear it we will get immediate action around 6.1cm less as correcting..
  • Second action is from millions of micro capsules which is contains active ingredients, so if you wear the product 8 hours daily for 20 days, we will lose 3.7cm in average from the waist plus the result from the first action.


  • Can be used for 8 hours daily for 18 days and get more result -3.7cm from the technology, just wear and get slim.

Innovative Slimming clothes from France with new technology, comfortable clothes ,like the normal underwear, just wear and get slim, without effort,without restrictions.

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