MAHIRAJ Truck Rc JCB5Channel Remote Controll

6.00 KWD

Toy vehicle form: Excavator
Colour: Multicolor
Control Method: Remote

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MAHIRAJ Truck Rc JCB5Channel Remote Controll


MAHIRAJ Rc JCB 5 Channel Remote Controlled Rechargeable RC Excavator Truck Wire Less Excavator & Bulldozer Construction Vehicle Toy Construction Truck Shovel Loader Crawler Digger Truck Toy for Kids

Fully Functional R/C 5 Channel Remote Controlled Rechargeable Chain Mounted Crawler Excavator Truck or Shovel Loader Bucket
Functions Include Forward ,Backward , Left Right ,Mining , 360 Degrees Rotation .

with Led Lights
Durable &Safe material and Cool flashlight : The most commonly used Dipper and battery cover are made from alloy instead of plastic that make sure the quality.

The rest are made of hard and bright yellow plastic.

There are glitter lights on the Excavator Excavator track and seat.

The cool look makes remote control excavators stands out from other toys.
Instructive and Fun : Different buttons can control different parts that Imitate the real digger to the greatest extent.

Kids could study how to drive a car through controlling the left track and right track to move forward?

backward or turn a corner. Excavator diggings are programmed to dig along a fixed route while there are two buttons pretend to control the forearm & thats friendly for little children to get a hand on it and build up confidence.
Heavy duty rechargeable Excavator truck.

This toy not only entertains the baby but also helps in an overall development & growth.

This helps in thought enlightening (Brain development), helps in additive growth & development, ensures that the child leans the harmony of feet hands and finally helps in visual development as well.

Has actual movements of the Excavator truck…

Can lift mud. Remote control operated features made with superior safe, non-toxic material. quality inspections are done to ensure complete baby protection. Box packed to ensure complete baby hygiene.

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