ORIGINAL Carrot Exfoliating Soap

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Carrot soap to moisturize and soften the skin . Contains apricot kernels for sanding the skin and cell regeneration.
Fire & white carrot exfoliating soap with soft, sweet fragrance cleanses, exfoliates and tightens the skin.
Carrot soap takes care of the skin thanks to the crumbled apricot kernel and carrot oil, rich in vitamin A.
Helps restore smoothness, beauty and radiance of the skin to enjoy a smooth, clean skin.
A complex of moisturizing and anti-aging substances to brighten and revive the skin.
Moisturizes and brightens pale and discolored skin.
Ideal for all skin types.

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ORIGINAL Carrot Exfoliating Soap

Original composition: carrot soap cleanses, exfoliates and evens out your skin tone while caring for your skin.

It contains apricot microelements and carrot oil. For smooth and glowing skin.
Carrot oil: a concentrate that promotes radiance, extremely rich in vitamins and carotene, which provides your skin with a wonderful combination of tonic and regenerating effects.

This active ingredient nourishes, softens, moisturizes and tones the skin.

A real breath of fresh air for tired or dull skin.
Rich lather: for smoother, firmer skin, clean with warm water and gently massage into the lather; rinse and dry thoroughly.
Maximizing benefits: for more hydrated skin, follow it up with karotis deep moisturizing cream.
Natural formula: exfoliates dull skin without causing dryness or irritation. Cleanses, moisturizes and soothes the skin with natural carrots.

It reveals instant glowing skin.

Method of use:

Used as a daily morning and evening lotion for dry and normal skin.

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