Pharmaceris F Protective Foundation SPF50

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Fluid Foundation that works in several dimensions, Long lasting deep coverage with mattifying effect.

The specialist fluid foundation offers the highest level of protection against solar radiation and effectively prevents the exacerbation of existing discolourations and the appearance of new ones. Micronised pigments perfectly conceal any skin imperfections providing long-lasting coverage and giving the complexion even texture and a healthy tone.


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Pharmaceris F Protective Foundation SPF50

 The innovative Leukine BarrierTM formulawith immunostimulating properties soothes and alleviates irritations caused by environmental aggressors or mechanical irritants.

Soothing linseed extract restores the skin’s physiological balance, strengthens its lipid layer, and promotes regeneration.

The fluid does not overload the skin or clog skin pores, and does not promote comedones.

The product is very well tolerated and does not cause skin dryness. HIGH TOLERANCE AND EFFICACY PARABEN-FREE Volume: 30 ml

Direction for use

Apply the product to your skin and spread it evenly all over the face.

Wait until it is fully absorbed.

For day use.

• Pharmaceris F Protective Fluid Foundation, with SPF 50+, with high moisturizing properties, to add more attractiveness and vitality to the skin.
• The formula is enriched with active aesthetic ingredients, which include beeswax and linseed extract in addition to the protective leucine complex.
• It gives the skin the highest level of protection from harmful sun rays and ultraviolet rays, which increase skin pigmentation, change skin color, and the appearance of dark spots.
• Also, it provides the skin with deep, long-lasting coverage.
• The leucine complex contributes to strengthening the immunity of skin cells, enhancing resistance to irritation, and calming the skin.
• Linseed extract and beeswax support the regeneration of the natural protective lipid layers to protect the skin from drying and ensure that it is provided with adequate hydration.
• Pharmaceris F Protective Fluid Foundation is the best choice for all skin types, especially sensitive and more sensitive skin Prone to irritation and skin pigmentation.

Active ingredients:
Leukine, Beeswax, Mattifying micro-sponges, linseed extract.

Pharmaceris F Protective Fluid Foundation SPF +50:
• Conceals skin flaws and redness.
• Provides mattifying effects.
• Makes skin smoother.
• Conceals discolorations.
• Evens out the skin tone.
• Moisturizing skin.

How to use:
• Apply the product to your skin and spread it evenly all over the face,
• Wait until it is fully absorbed, For daily use.

Point of interest:
• Color: 02 – Sand.
• Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and irritation-prone skin.
• Recommended for people prone to skin pigmentation and discoloration (e.g. when taking certain medications, in case of inflammation or pregnancy) and people suffering from Vitiligo.
• Dermatologically tested.
• SPF 50+.
• Safe, non-allergic formula.
• Deep coverage, that lasts 10 hours.
• Available in 2 degrees.

Made in:

30 ml.

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