Protocol 403-Anti Spot Cream 30Ml 30

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A concentrated cream that helps get rid of spots and pigmentation

– It corrects and prevents undesired skin pigmentation.

– It enhances skin radiance.

– Used as directed

– Active Ingredients: Vitamin C and E, Azeloglicina, Cogic acid


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Protocol 403-Anti Spot Cream 30Ml 30
Cream corrects skin blemishes and prevents hyperpigmentation caused by excessive melanin production as a result of hormonal changes, exposure to sunlight, or the use of certain medications.
Clinical tests have shown the high efficacy of anti- Spot Cream from protocol which is also safe during pregnancy and sun exposure.
The presence of Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, and Azeloglycine guarantees a complete and synergistic action of correction and prevention of skin spots, As well as promotes skin brightness.

Active Ingredients of Protocol 403 CKA Cream:
– Vitamin C: It has a strong antioxidant effect as it protects the skin cells from harmful free radicals and also has an effective role in lightening the skin.
– Kojic acid: a substance known for its effective properties in inhibiting the formation of melanin and resists the process of spots resulting from exposure to sunlight, aging, melasma, or other pregnancy spots.
– Azeloglicin: A patented molecule derived from azelaic acid and glycine, it inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase and thioredoxin reductase at the level of the melanocyte membrane resulting in enhanced radiance and youthful skin.

Active ingredients:
Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, Azeloglicin.

• Protocol 403 CKA Cream helps to get rid of skin blemishes, pigmentation, and spots.
• Anti-spot cream enhances the radiance and freshness of the skin.

How To Use:
• Apply Protocol 403 CKA Cream 2 or more times a day on previously cleansed skin, directly on the spots to be lightened, tapping until completely absorbed.

Points Of Interest:
• Don’t use Protocol 403 CKA Anti- Spot Cream if you have an allergy to any of the active ingredients.
• Keeps out of reach of children.

Made in: Italy.

Quantity: 30 ml.

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