Revita Hair Growth Shampoo 180 Ml

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Revita Hair Growth Shampoo 180 Ml
State-of-the-art anti-hair loss and follicular stimulant shampoo.
Stimulates growth; stops hair loss and thickens hair, revitalizes hair follicles, nourishes, hydrates and strengthens hair.

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Revita Hair Growth Shampoo 180 Ml
Revita: hair-stimulating shampoo delivers powerful support for men and women concerned about hair loss, thinning hair, and androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness). revita shampoo is formulated to strengthen hair, boost density, and improve appearance. in studies, the hair-stimulation compounds in revita shampoo are associated with faster hair growth and new hair regrowth after episodes of hair loss. key compounds include the dihydrotestosterone blockers (dht blockers) ketoconazole and caffeine, as well as biotin, essential for hair growth. hypoallergenic revita shampoo is suitable for all hair types. shampoo for stronger, fuller hair powerful amino acids, botanical extracts, and other compounds in revita make it the optimal daily shampoo for all hair types and all users who want stronger, fuller hair. advanced nanosome technology our proprietary nanosome delivery system encapsulates key compounds in microscopic liposomes smaller than human skin cells to penetrate deeper into the epidermis for maximum results.

How To Use:
Apply revita shampoo to wet hair and scalp with a gentle massage, leave on for two minutes, and rinse. reapply, leave on for three to five minutes, and rinse. for best results, treat five times a week and follow with revita conditioner.

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