Rose Blue Vaginal Douche Baking Soda 125 Ml

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Topical Douch used to clean and treat the vaginal discharge

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Rose Blue Vaginal Douche Baking Soda 125 Ml

An alkaline vaginal douche that contains sodium bicarbonate can increase the chances of having a male baby by making the environment in the vagina alkaline.

Rose Blue Vaginal Douche contains citric acid and sodium carbonate, which kills some types of fungi and treats infections and vaginal secretions.

Rose Blue Vaginal Douch has flexible, hygienic, and easy,to,use packaging.

It is characterized by the presence of an advanced applicator that is easy to slide and does not cause irritation or inflammation inside the vagina.

The box contains 2 packages (each package is 125 ml) with 2 applicators.

Active ingredients:
Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sodium Carbonate, Phenoxyethanol, Aqua, Propylene Glycol

• Alkaline Douch treats and prevents vaginal secretions.
• Rose Blue Douch is used in cases of fungal infections.

How to use:
Use Rose Blue Alkaline Douch before sexual intercourse (5,10 minutes) and follow the steps carefully.


1, Peel off the cap from the plastic container and attach the syringe to the container.
2, Choose the appropriate position to insert the syringe into the vagina, by standing, sitting, or lying down.
3, Empty the entire liquid by pressing the bottom of the package gently and constantly without removing pressure from the bottom of the package to prevent the liquid from refluxing into it.

Points of interest:
• The package and syringe for the vaginal douche, Rose Blue, are to be used only once.
• It is not recommended to use vaginal douches more than once every 3 days.

drug interactions:
• In the case of using any of the other vaginal preparations, it is recommended to leave 12 hours between its use and the use of vaginal douches.

• Do not use during pregnancy unless under the supervision of a doctor.
• Rose Blue Douch is not used by virgin girls.

Made in:

2*125 ml

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