Spectral DNC Hair Loss Spray 60Ml

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Spectral DNC Hair Loss Spray 60Ml
Spectral.DNC 5% treats hair loss on the entire scalp, including frontoparietal and receding hairlines.
Minoxidil by itself has only has been shown to be effective on the vertex.
Unique and significantly more effective than conventional hair loss treatments.

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Spectral DNC Hair Loss Spray 60Ml

Don’T Miss Out On This Revolutionary Ds Laboratories Spectral Dnc-N The Breakthrough Hair Support System.

Combating Hair Loss By Preventing The Trigger That Causes Hair To Fall Out So You Can Safeguard Your Full Thick Mane.

Promote Healthy Growth All Over The Head With Ds Laboratories Spectral Dnc-N Complete With Nanoxidil A Unique Compound With A Lower Molecular Weight Than Minoxidil, It Regulates Hair Growth And Encourages Strength And Vitality

How To Use:
Apply about 10 sprays evenly all over the scalp after washing in the morning and evening. Do not rinse.

Spectral.DNC 5% uses only the highest research grade Minoxidil Sulfate that meets EP and USP testing specifications. Not all Minoxidil containing products are of the same quality and Spectral.DNC ensures that you get the maximum effectiveness of this novel formulation.

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