Tynor Insole Full Silicon (Pair) K 01M

10.92 KWD

Anatomically designed for better comfort and fitting.

It provides even pressure distribution throughout the foot.


High cushioning coefficient.

Long functional life.

Super soft zones Anatomically shaped.

High cushioning coefficient
Long working life
Ultra-smooth areas
Anatomical form

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Tynor Insole Full Silicon (Pair) K 01M

The all-silicone insole is a very comfortable insole with soft cushioning areas.

It reduces painful shock waves and relieves the load on the feet, knees and spine.Anatomically designed for better comfort and fit, it provides an even distribution of pressure throughout.

Made of silicone: high cushioning coefficient next to natural fat, shock absorption and energy recovery, long functional life, odorless, easy to clean and maintain.Anatomical and streamlined shape: ensures better weight distribution, reduces peak load, helps to correct body alignment, reduces stress on ligaments, muscles and tendons.

Super soft spot: relieve concentrated pain and relieve pressure on the base of the calcaneus.

Fine design: It can be easily put into the shoe, comfortable and comfortable.

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