Walking Stick With 4 Legs FS946

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Stick With 4 Legs that helps you to walk and move easily and comfortably

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Walking Stick With 4 Legs FS946

that is made of rust- and corrosion-resistant aluminum.
It consists of four legs and non-slip supports to give you more balance and safety.
It has a comfortable hand grip which makes it easy to use IT.
The length of the Stick can be adjusted to suit all heights, and it is light in weight as it does not make you feel heavy while using it.

• With 4 Legs that helps to move easily.
• Suitable for elderly, orthopedic, and joint patients.

Point of interest:
• The weight and length of the Walking Stick must be suitable for the patient so that the elbow is slightly bent during use.
• can cause back pain.

Quantity: One Pieces.

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