Zincymac Cream 50Gm

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treatment of nappy rash, redness, red spots and skin wounds caused by severa inflamation in diaper area.

protaction against skin irritation, nappy rash, and fungul or bacterial infection in diaper area.


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Zincymac Cream 50Gm

Zincymac Diaper Rash Cream has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the rash and inhibit microbe growth as well.

It contains zinc that cools down the inflamed skin and dries moisture up quickly to ensure that the rash clears quickly.

When applying Zincymac Diaper Rash Cream to the baby’s bottom, it forms a protective layer between the diaper and the skin ensuring that the rash is not further aggravated.

Benefits:Zincymac Diaper Rash Cream is Used to treat: Red spots and skin wounds caused by severe inflammation in the diaper area Protection against skin irritation Fungal or bacterial infection in the diaper area Provide a deep moisturizing effect and keep the humidity of the skin.

How to use:Put a thin layer of Zincymac Diaper Rash Cream on the diaper area and rub gently, 3 times daily or when needed.Points of interest: Avoid Zincymac Diaper Rash Cream if any allergic reaction occurs.

Avoid Zincymac Diaper Rash Cream if worsen the condition or does not improve from use.

For topical use only. Prefer to clean the skin before and after applying Zincymac Diaper Rash Cream.

Keep Zincymac Diaper Rash Cream out of reach of children.

Made in:Egypt.

Quantity:50 g.

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