BELLA Eliet Mint Gray

13.00 KWD

Original Bella lenses from Elite – Mint Gray
Usage period: 3 months from opening the package.
Content: 2 sterilized colored contact lenses (38% water, polymacon) immersed in saline solution.
Lens diameter: 14.5 mm
Protection from rays Ultraviolet.
Lens curvature: 8.60 mm




Sku: 253069


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BELLA Eliet Mint Gray

Medical and CosmeticLens

♥ Bella Elite Mint Gray lenses, a distinctive green color suitable for all skin types.

Green is considered one of the most popular eye colors for many women.

It is also considered a distinctive color that still maintains its place among all eye colors and is suitable for fashion at all times.

Bella was able to…

This color is presented in a distinctive and unique way from a special combination between gray and green, for a unique look with a thin dark ring around the lens to add a charming natural shape to the eye.

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