BELLA Natural Cool Hazel

11.00 KWD

Biocompatible elements make the lens soft * comfortable all day long.
High water retention allows high oxygen permeability
Ideal for dry eyes
High-definition design * UV blocker
Substances approved by the US Food and Drug Administration
Holds a CE certificate
Each pack contains 2 lenses to wear for a month


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BELLA Natural Cool Hazel

Medical and CosmeticLens

Bio compatible elements making the lens soft & comfortable throughout the day

The Bella Natural Collection is the most natural colored contact lenses and comes in a number of unique colors to complete any look with full UV protection .

Natural cold Hazel | Bella lenses / Natural Collection the unique style of natural cold Hazel

We present to you the captivating appeal of the cool natural Hazel | Bella lenses, a gem in our prestigious Natural Collection.

The Cool Hazel lens features a distinctive combination of rich hazelnut tones harmoniously intertwined with beautiful gentle medium Hazel tones, expertly designed to highlight and enhance your innate natural beauty.

The artistic touch is perfected with a delicately made dark ring around the iris, an exquisite detail that adds depth and dimension to the color, resulting in eyes that are no less dazzling.

High water retention allows high oxygen permeability

Revealing the uniqueness of the Cold natural hazelnut

What sets Natural Cool Hazel Bella apart is its commitment to authenticity.

The Cool Hazel Bella tones have been precisely calibrated to ensure a remarkably natural look that effortlessly complements all skin tones.

Whether you have a light, medium or deep skin tone, the Natural Cool Hazel lens adapts seamlessly, allowing you to embrace the beauty that lies within you.

Advantages of cold Hazel:

Ideal for dry eyes

High-definition design * UV blocker

Materials of the United States of America

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