Eucerin Hyaluron Filler Mist Spray 150 ML

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Instant, long-lasting hydration, Soothes irritation due to dryness

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Eucerin Hyaluron Filler Mist Spray 150 ML

Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Mist Spray is a hydrating facial mist suitable for every skin type, including sensitive skin.
The unique formula of this mist will enhance the hydration system of the skin.
Furthermore, it will distribute water evenly all over the face, neck, and décolletage, locking in moisture.
This will not only provide long-lasting hydration but also help to keep the skin looking and feeling smooth and healthy.

On one hand, the Hyaluronic Acid in the formula attracts and holds moisture in the skin.
On the other hand, Glyco-Glycerol helps with moisture distribution and balance.
Therefore, with this simple mist, it is easy and practical to provide the skin with the needed hydration as often as necessary.


* Hyaluron Mist Spray gives skin the intense and long-lasting hydration it needs to keep it looking and feeling its best.
* The combination of Hyaluronic Acid and nature-identical Gluco-Glycerol activates skin’s own moisture distribution network (which transports water between the cells), supporting skin hydration and the balance of moisture from within.
* The quick-absorbing, fragrance-free spray is suitable for daily use on all skin types including sensitive skin.

How to use:
– Hold the can at 20cm distance to skin and spray a fine mist anytime to face, neck, and décolleté.
– Leave to penetrate for 2-3 minutes and then gently pat dry.
– Avoid contact with the eyes.

Active ingredients:
Hyaluronic acid , Glyco-Glycerol.

Storage conditions:
Room temperature.

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